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orraine Loomis, a fourth-grade teacher in the lower school, spent a good portion of the year trying to get some of her students to slow down while they work. "For this age group, whether it's explicit or implied, they believe speed equals knowledge," said Loomis. Indeed, those with a fixed mindset, who think that abilities like talent and intelligence are fixed, would agree that those who are the fastest at an academic task are the smartest. However, the Latin School, always striving to be innovative, is taking a different approach and embracing growth mindset at all levels. ose who adhere to a growth mindset belief think that slow and steady is fine, and maybe even preferred. So Loomis was especially gratified when one of her formerly speedy students recently bragged, "I was the very last one to finish!" after completing an assignment. For Loomis, the student's exclamation is the result of a very deliberate effort to change the culture, language and thinking at Latin to one that favors growth mindset. Feature 26

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