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CLASS NOTES Have a new job? Recently married? Written a book? If you have stories to share or just want to drop a line, don't hesitate. Your class representatives are constantly compiling Class Notes and want to hear from you. To see your name in print, call 312.582.6043, and we will connect you with your class representative. You also can send notes to the Alumni Office at 1949 Peter Barrett Elizabeth Rupprecht Joseph Mix and his wife, Delinda, who celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary in April, continue to enjoy life in Beaufort, SC, where Joe owned Island Outfitters. Since selling his sporting goods store, he has stayed involved in the retail business by volunteering as head cashier at a local thrift shop. He goes to Costa Rica every year to fish for sailfish. Last year, he and his fishing buddy landed 52 of them. 1950 Alicia "Babby" McKenna Ludgin '50 62 L AT I N M AGAZINE John Harvey writes: "My life has been a roller coaster, a darned fun trip full of high adventure. After a few years at Latin, I went beyond to other schools and was then kicked out of Cornell for pranks so I enlisted in the Marines and was in the Korean War and all over Asia for years. In the late 1950s and through the 1960s, I got three degrees in economics from universities around Boston and spent the next decades building companies in various businesses. During this period I had six children and now 11 grandkids from an infant up to age 22. They live all over the world. I remain aggressive in living life in style and expect the roller coaster to plow on. As far as Latin is concerned, I am hugely impressed at how the school has evolved into the Roman powerhouse of today. When I was there, James O. Wood was Headmaster, we played kick ball on the roof, Pop Keeler was our Cub Scout master and also taught shop. My classmates were all in puppy love with our second grade teacher, Ms. Peterson. I remember our French teacher would walk around with a yardstick and slam it on the desk of any kid dozing, generally me. In my class, Dickey Barnes was the fastest runner, Billy Wrigley gave the most fantastic birthday and Halloween parties, Billy Diener was the strongest guy in class, and John Cervenka made the funniest noises. Now that I look back on this class, it was loaded with scions of empire builders, and it made me think that everybody was like that. I live outside of Boston and also have interests in New Mexico. Outside of sneaking visits to Chicago on business, I spend more time elsewhere. I greet all my classmates of 1950 and Judy '49 especially, and say again how impressive the Chicago Latin School has become! As we say in the Marines, Semper Fi and OOO-Rah!" We are saddened to report that Alicia "Babby" McKenna Ludgin passed away in early April. We extend our condolences to her brother Patrick McKenna '55, her children and family, and classmates. 1951 Ivan Strauss The Class of '51 was in kindergarten when Latin marked its 50th year, and we now eagerly anticipate the celebration of Latin's first 125 years. John Stern and his wife, Linda, are enjoying life on Hilton Head Island. While John was at Latin, the basement game room of the Stern home on Astor Street was the scene of countless poker games. Since graduation, John has become an avid bridge player and now plays at the Hilton Head Island Bridge Club, whose membership also includes Roger Baim '65.

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