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The Cover Photo: You Are Beautiful Mary Heglin '18 IHSAE Honorable Mention The camera is a communication tool. The spirit of the information conveyed through the lens is what's important. I strive to help my students to become observant and to notice what their world is saying to them. Follow your curiosity. Be adventurous in pushing yourself to explore and notice not only what you love, but also what you are experiencing. Use your camera to tell this as story so you will have the pictures to share and remind you of the richness of your experience. Don't just take a picture but strive to make a photograph. Choose a composition that showcases your unique vision/point of view. Strive to use (or break) the rule of thirds. Place something meaningful along the frontal picture plane of your photograph to draw the viewer into your experience. Push to make a series of photographs. Photography records a moment and the photographer's role is to discover for themselves what can be learned from this moment. Think about what your intention is and focus on what's important to you. Capturing life through a lens is a gift that a photographer gives to their viewers to unwrap. This year for Project Week, my colleague, David Marshall, and I traveled with 16 students to Tokyo. We were there to observe and compare aspects of wellness and innovation. When you travel some place new, the camera provides a way to visually heighten your perceptions. As a pho- tographer, you can learn to appreciate and wonder about the amazing details in our world that exist in nature, animals, humanity and the man-made. There's a message in each image and a strong photograph has the power to connect others with a moment witnessed. Over the 36 years I have been teaching at Latin, I have witnessed tremendous changes. This year's VIDI magazine includes photos that capture the joy and the supportive school that Latin has become by celebrating and affirming the LGBTQ members of our community, as captured by the photos of our recent Rainbow Photo-shoot. This event helps to validate that we are a safe school. As you peer into this publication spend a moment to unwrap the message in each of these wonderful student-made images. Betty Lark Ross Visual Art Department Chair / Photography Teacher Tokyo Street Photography Molly Aguina '18

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