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Looking Back Celebrate events, people and places from Latin's history with a visit to the school's archives. LATIN, IN VERSE Shout the phrase "Oh go, you Romans!" and today's Latin students will burst into the beloved "Fight Song," written by Mike Teolis in 1996. Throughout its 129-year history, Latin students have sung the school's praises to a variety of tunes and measures. Some of these songs, like the "Alma Mater" and "To Latin We Are True," are still sung today. But many, like the "The Ivy Song," are all but a memory. Hear your favorite Latin tunes (and songs never before recorded!) online at A ROMAN In 1950, boys Latin ocially adopted the Roman as our mascot at the suggestion of a sports writer reporting on Latin's football victories for the Chicago Daily News. e Harwell family (Sterling '55 and Todd '60) wrote the song in the early '50s to incorporate the new mascot, "A Roman," sung to the tune of "Roamin' in the Gloamin'." Hear it played by Mr. Teolis at GIRLS SCHOOL e girls school had its own musical repertoire, including the ght song "Oh G.LS. — Fair G.L.S" and the "Ivy Planting Song." Barbara Whiting Lee '47 recently shared that the "Ivy Planting Song" was sung by the upper classes in June during Class Day as the seniors planted ivy along the school wall of the Scott Street building. Hear Barbara sing the rst verse at THE ALMA MATER e Alma Mater is one of Latin's oldest songs and is still sung today. Written in the early 1930s by Ms. Lou M. Hood, head of the English Department at Girls Latin from 1920–1942, the Alma Mater has phrases from two sources: e "school verse," Phillipians 4:8 "Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report." "Finlandia," by Jan Sibelius which was extremely popular at the time, heard everywhere and often played by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Miss Hood, like many of her contemporaries, was devoted to "Finlandia." LOOKING BACK 50

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