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C eta Walters was more than surprised the first time she had lunch duty in the lower school. "The kids were so polite. They always said 'thank you.' I was floored," she said. The motto of the lower school is "Manners, Kindness, and Civility," which was only confirmed when she commented on the good behavior of the students to Senior Kindergarten Teacher Lena Silerzio. "She told me that Latin is building the whole child." Ceta knew she had found a great environment for her kids, one that made them feel welcome and included. Ceta is chair of the Lower School New Families Committee. The goal of the committee is to create social events and activities for all new families to provide for a friendly and smooth transition into a new environment. Besides hosting a new families luncheon for all divisions in June, the committee also organizes a pizza party in the gym right before school begins in August, a coffee meet-up for junior kindergarten parents right after drop-off on the first day of school, and a parents night out during the year. The New Families Committee checks in on the new families throughout the year and serves as a resource when parents have questions. The committee also arranges play dates at local parks during the summer for incoming junior kindergarteners. "That way, the kids have a few friends before they get to school in the fall," said Ceta. "And it's good for the parents too, to know a few friendly faces." Ceta is also one of three divisional co-chairs for the Latin Fund. The goal of this committee is to build broad-based support for the school. The committee gathers volunteers for the annual phonathon, organizes a volunteer breakfast, and thanks donors at all giving levels with Latin School magnets that are seen all around town. Ceta laughed last year when her older son, Clark, then a kindergartener and a bit of a neat freak, was excited to dye his hair blue and orange for homecoming week. "I feel so fortunate and blessed to be part of this community," she said. "I want everyone to have the same opportunities my boys do. Latin makes my family feel as if we are part of one great big family." We are Family 33 ANNUAL REPORT 2016-2017

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