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Looking Back Francis W. Taylor, C. L. S. ex. '98 is Alderman of the School Ward, the 21st. (Editor's note: Taylor served two terms and was chairman of the committee that oversaw the construction of City Hall. At a ceremony in 1909, Taylor had the honor of the laying the cornerstone which you can still see today.) College athletic achievements, and even setbacks, were reported: L. Parsons Warren, C. L. S. '03 is in his last year at Williams. He is one of the star players of the baseball team and in several instances has saved his side from defeat by a timely hit. Paul Veeder, C. L. S. ex. '03 was chosen as a member of the All-American Football Team for 1906. is is probably the greatest honor that any of our alumni have obtained in the athletic world. (Editor's note: Veeder went on to great success at Yale. In 1907, e New York Times made mention of his innovative onside kick, a new technique at the time.) J. E. Owsley '01 made the "Yale Varsity" football training table this year, but was barred from an active part on the team by his absence from the university during part of last year. As he was not eligible for the team, he devoted his attention to coaching the Freshmen. (Editor's note: Owsley went on to be the head coach of Yale's undefeated 1905 football team and served as the head football coach at the U.S. Naval Academy in 1925.) Travel plans were reported, often in conjunction with news of illness. Poor eyesight and typhoid may have interrupted alumni study plans, but certainly not their travel plans: Mansfield Ferry ex. '99 has left the Harvard Law School on account of trouble with his eyes, and has started on a bicycle trip in Europe. (Happily, Mansfield's eyes must have recovered after the bicycle trip, as he went on to found the Buffalo Jones African Company, which organized hunting and exploring expeditions in Africa.) C. E. Armstrong '03, who was compelled to leave college on account of typhoid fever, has just gone abroad on a pleasure trip. Franklin Nellis '00 was at home in February on account of the typhoid epidemic at Ithaca. Mr. Nellis was ill, but fortunately escaped typhoid. Keinath Stohr '09 graduates this spring from Byrn Mawr. Not satisfied with all the learning she has acquired there, she is going abroad to spend the winter in Paris. Francis W. Taylor '98 lays the cornerstone at City Hall in 1909. J. E. Owsley '01 Mansfield Ferry '99 Helen Farwell's note home to Mother. Latin Magazine ยป Summer 2017

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