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Looking Back Celebrate events, people and places from Latin's history with a visit to the school's archives. Classic Class Notes Latin has been publishing alumni class notes since 1902, when they first appeared in the Sigillum (the boys school yearbook). Much like today, alumni reported on their marriages, births, job placements, promotions and transfers. But back-in-the-day, alumni also shared news of their athletic achievements, club memberships, travel adventures and even their illnesses. Perhaps this selection of classic class notes will inspire you to pen your own in a classic style! Marriages and births have always featured prominently in class notes: Ogden T. McClurg '97 (that's 1897) was married on February 24, 1903, to Miss Marion Ewen. Francis Taylor, who has been McClurg's play-fellow, chum, and intimate friend since his early childhood, and who was his inseparable companion at this school when it was under the immediate care of General and Mrs. McClurg, was his best man. Mr. and Mrs. McClurg, on their wedding journey, first visited Florida and then New York; from there they sailed for Europe, where they intend to travel for six months. ere was great excitement last week among old Latin school girls, for on Saturday the twenty-fourth of May, Margaret Street '08 was married to Louis Loutrel of South Orange, New Jersey. Two other Latin school girls, Margaret Meeker '08 and Margaretta Blair '08, the former a maid of honor, the latter a bridesmaid, took an active part in the affair, packing the crannies of the bridal trunk with neat and useful packages of rice and filling Astor Street with confetti. Margaretta's fiancé, Carl Matz '05, was also a Latin school student, so we see there are some advantages in co-education. (Editor's note: Sadly, Carl and Margaretta called off the engagement a few months later. However, Margaretta later married Governor James M. Cox of Ohio, who was the 1920 Democratic presidential nominee defeated by Warren Harding.) Amy Walker '07 married James A. Field of Chicago. A son, James A. Field, Jr., was born March 9th, 1916. (Editor's note: Son James Jr. went on to become a prominent historian of the U.S. Navy.) New jobs were noted: Elizabeth Hinde '11 has taken the Red Cross training and examinations admitting her as Nurse's Aid to Red Cross Base Hospital, Unit 11. Also members of this unit are the following former Latin School girls: Helen Farwell, Lucy Jewett and Emma Louise Stone. (Editor's note: Helen Farwell served with the Red Cross in France during WWI. She kept a scrapbook during her service, which is housed at the Lake Forest - Lake Bluff Historical Society.) Amy Walker '07 Helen Farwell '11 Margaretta Blair '08 Carl Matz '05 Looking Back 52

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