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to the same Latin School her children were now attending? Sure enough, Bill Caudill graduated from Latin in 1937. "I had no idea about his connection to Latin," Shashi said. "It was such a wonderful surprise to see Latin listed on his U of C transcript! Since my father passed away a long time ago, seeing evidence of his connection to Latin brought him back to life for me. I feel proud to have my kids continue his legacy," she added. Her discovery led Shashi to further research her dad's time in Chicago, and she found some amazing coincidences: "We were surprised to see that Bill had lived at 415 West Fullerton, which is just around the corner from our current home!" Furthermore, Shashi explained that one of Bill's classmates was William James Carney II. In fact, when Shashi looked through the 1937 yearbook Carney's photo was right next to her father's. "Our neighbor across the street is William James Carney's son," she said. "We are good friends with him and his family…so many connections. It seems almost surreal!" Will '20 and Leah '16 Cravitz hold their grandfather's Latin yearbook. Latin Magazine » Spring 2016 57

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