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Looking Back Celebrate events, people and places from Latin's history with a visit to the school's archives. Since my father passed away a long time ago, seeing evidence of his connection to Latin brought him back to life for me. I feel proud to have my kids continue his legacy." – Shashi Caudill When Latin parent Shashi Caudill was going through her father's papers, the last thing she expected to find was a mention of Latin School. Shashi's father, William (Bill), a prominent medical anthropologist, passed away when she was just 11 years old, and Shashi knew little about his youth. During her childhood, the family lived in Washington D.C., where Bill headed the Department of Personality and Environment at the National Institute of Mental Health. Summers included frequent trips to Japan for her father's research regarding child-rearing patterns in Japan and the U.S. After Bill passed away, the family continued to live in D.C. Shashi's mother died when Shashi was in college, and with her passing, the opportunity to ask questions about family history also passed. As an adult, Shashi moved to Chicago to begin her fine arts and photography business and start her family. When it came time for her daughter Leah to begin school, Shashi and her husband, Alan Cravitz, decided on Latin. Not long after, son Will started at Latin too, and they became proud Romans! Fast forward nearly 13 years to this past fall when Shashi was going through her dad's papers. She stumbled across Bill's University of Chicago transcript and there it was: Chicago Latin School. Shashi looked again. Could her father really have gone Family Ties Looking Back 56

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