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The 1950s witnessed great athletic achievements in many sports, including baseball. Baseball was one of the first organized sports offered at Latin, at both the girls and boys schools. This jersey is not only one of the only uniforms we have in our archive collection, it is also the oldest. (Donated by Dr. Andy Hedberg '53) When the high school classes of the girls and boys school merged in 1952, the earth beneath Latin shifted and a new era began. The Class of '53 was not only the first coeducational graduating class the school produced, it was also the first class to experience one yearbook, one Parents Council, one faculty and one student government. This gavel witnessed it all, and had the final say when the new school constitution was ratified in December of 1952. (Donated by Dr. Andy Hedberg '53) I've been swinging for the fences since before you were born." โ€“ Baseball uniform, 1952 I've chosen some real dogs in my day." โ€“ Dog show committee ribbon, c. 1960 I brought two worlds together." โ€“ First Senior Prefect gavel of the Latin School of Chicago, 1952 (the combined boys and girls school). The Dog Show was a beloved annual Latin event from the 1940s through the 1960s. Ribbons were awarded for best-groomed, saddest looking, best trick and most obedient dog. Dr. Dolezal once recalled that during his first week at Latin, the head of school put him in charge of organizing the Dog Show, which proved to a baptism by fire. Rumor has it that the Dog Show was discontinued after one pooch chose to relieve himself on the headmaster's shoe, but this Dog Show committee member ribbon won't confirm or deny. Latin Magazine ยป Fall 2015

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