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Looking Back Celebrate events, people and places from Latin's history with a visit to the school's archives. ARTIFACTS UNCOVERED: THE UNTOLD TALES I know all the rules, and I know who broke them…" – Boys School Student Government Records and Discipline Book, 1940-1950 Latin's archives boast a rich array of candid photos that serve as a window to another era. Easily shared on social media, these images tend to take the archival center stage. But in this edition of Looking Back, we take some of our treasured artifacts and objects off the darkened storage shelves and give them a turn in the spotlight and a chance to tell their tales. Special thanks to Dr. Andy Hedberg '53, Helen Harvey Mills '54, Jed Mandel '70 and all alumni who have generously donated priceless items to the archives. If you have an item you'd like to donate to Latin's archives, contact Teresa Sutter at 312.582.6050 or email A favorite artifact among our current middle schoolers, this unassuming class ring continues to enchant a new generation of Latin students. Faces light up with recognition when they notice the school crest and motto, Fidelitas, inlaid on the stone. Everyone wants to try it on and eagerly asks when they'll receive their class rings. (Donated by Helen Harvey Mills '54) I'm proof that school spirit comes in all colors, shapes and sizes." – Class ring, 1954 56 The book of Student Government Records and Disciplinary Infractions contains a treasure trove of information on life at the boys school. Social gatherings and dances were meticulously planned, school policies were hotly debated, and swift justice was meted out for fighting, skipping class and creating a disturbance. Punishments included singing the school song at assemblies, writing 500-word essays and in one case, a spanking. (Donated by Jed Mandel '70) Looking Back

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