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Events Life After Latin Thirty-eight young alumni returned to Latin in April to share their professional experiences with upper school students during the highly popular third annual Life After Latin program. 7 8 9 10 11 Senior Luncheon 10. Class of 2015 representatives Miya Coleman, Kate Guynn, Chris Quazzo and John Buchanan dedicating the Senior Class Gift to their dean Ann McGlinn. Ninety-two percent of the class made five-year pledges to support the Jeff Windus Scholarship Fund. 11. Class of 2015 seniors Collette Block, Isabel Weiss, Bella Shindler and Abigail Bresler proudly display their gifts from the Alumni Association at the Senior Luncheon. 12. Celebrating their welcome into the Alumni Association, Class of 2015 seniors Julius Reiner, Alexis Lopez, Eric Gofen, Zach Barker, Martina Piñeros and Frani O'Toole. National Latin Day 7. A Golden Roman shows off his spirit on National Latin Day 2015! 8. Celebrating National Latin Day with Harry Caray: Alumni Coordinator Teresa Sutter, Charlie Gofen '83, Alumni Director Stephanie Chu, Cam McKinney '93, Steven Katz '80, Jeffrey Seigel '76, Grant DePorter '83, Beth Goldberg Heller '93, Roe Conn '82, Cyril "Tommy" Mowatt '85 and his wife, Janet Tarver. 9. Celebrating National Latin Day at Tortoise Club with owner Keene Addington '77: Carole Towne '69, Meta Berger, Fred Gorr '56, Alison Pohn '75, Allan Katz '54, Diana Levin '56, Ivan Strauss '51 and Peter Barrett '49. 12 55 Latin Magazine » Fall 2015

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