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Jacolyn and John Bucksbaum have made a significant commitment to Latin's learning resources program over the years, including establishing a permanent endowment in 2013 that provides support for learning resources staffing in the middle and upper schools. In addition, during the 2014-15 school year they are offering an endowment challenge match; they will match all donations 1:1 for up to a total of $250,000 to establish a separate endowment that will permanently support programmatic needs critical to the success of learning resources at Latin. Once established, the fund will be named the Jane Donovan Endowment for Learning Resources, in honor of Donovan's recent retirement and her dedication to the program and its students. For more information about the Jane Donovan Endowment for Learning Resources and how to make a gift that will be matched, please contact Elaine Kreuz in Latin's Development Office at 312.582.6046 or 27 L AT I N S C H O O L O F C H I C A G O Supporting Learning Resources is goal from the school's strategic plan is the catalyst that has driven John and my efforts to support and enhance Latin's learning resources program. e help our son Eli and many of his peers have received from the program has had a huge impact on their learning experiences. ese students are near and dear to our hearts. ey deserve to succeed both academically and socially at Latin. e school has made it a priority to embrace diversity in all its forms, and John and I believe that this also includes academic diversity. Jane Donovan, who was always there for Eli during his middle school years, and I often spoke about putting additional tools in the learning resources toolbox for students and faculty (because teachers also need to continue to grow and learn.) is, we hope, can help make Latin an even more inclusive community that supports every student. Whether students need mentors who have their back, guidance in building executive functioning skills, or a quiet room to take a test, the school has to be able to provide these supports. At Latin, we want our students to thrive. Whatever their ability is, it is important that they have a positive experience at school. Students who receive assistance from learning resources have many amazing qualities that will allow them to be successful in life. By giving them sufficient support, we can also nurture their love of learning. To me, that is the bottom line: Every child at Latin should be able to love learning no matter how they learn. "Every student in our community will receive sufficient support and opportunity to thrive in our challenging curriculum." Jacolyn Bucksbaum

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