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42 L AT I N M A G A Z I N E A L U M N I From the ARCHIVES As we come to the end of Latin's 125th anniversary celebration, Our Stories. Our School, we leave you with our favorite stories from the '20s, culled from the archives: May 2, 1926 During the senior prom last night at the Chicago Latin school in Scott street two of the young men in tuxedo and boiled shirt stepped out for some air. Several members of the Wells street gang passed – and passed remarks about the dressed up boys. Words. The boys from Wells street were chased back to Wells street. But they came back soon with their gang – some 25 in all – and they gathered about the door of the school, their yells mingling with the music. They kept it up for some five or ten minutes and then the school-boys came out. The rude boys were ordered away. Some one struck someone. There was a general fight – and when the dust settled the Wells street gang was making tracks for Wells street, and the tuxedo boys brushed their clothes and – on with the dance! An article from the Chicago Daily Tribune Archives. Fight In Street Features Prom At Latin School "To the uninvited and obstreperous guests is due the credit of adding a spice of danger to a most refined party." – 1926 Rostra

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