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Alumni Association Board of Directors 2013-2014 Among the most dedicated volunteers in the alumni community, your Alumni Association Board of Directors works tirelessly all year to build the alumni community and advance the mission and priorities of the school. We thank the following members for their efforts this year and look forward to their continued leadership. We also would like to say a special thank you to the following members who completed their terms this spring: Sasha Karp Adler '97 Travis Cope '03 Jeremy Ebie '96 Jennifer Susman Martinez '85 Sasha Karp Adler '97 Danielle Carlson '06 Jessica Cogswell '03 Sarah Cogswell '99, Special Events Co-Chair Bill Conway '96 Taylor Cope '01 Travis Cope '03 Aquelah Davis '87 Danielle Drabkin '95 Jennifer Ebie '98 Jeremy Ebie '96 Beth Goldberg Heller '93 Ryan Jacobson '92 Jeremy Katz '95 Michael Klong '95 Samantha Fisher Krambeck '90 Judy Kritzberg, Faculty Representative Diana Karasik Levin '56, Special Events Co-Chair Staci D'Ancona Levy '90 Tiffany Madigan '96, Alumni Giving Co-Chair Lisa Klimley Malkin '71 Jennifer Susman Martinez '85 Courtney Mayster '94, Alumni Outreach Co-Chair Cam McKinney '93, President Carrie McNally '87, Alumni Giving Co-Chair David Mendelson '84 Cyril Mowatt '85 Kelly Cameron Newton '00, Alumni Outreach Co-Chair Alicia Schuyler Oberman '95 Lara Shipp Shiffman '85 Jeffrey Siegel '76 Ian Sohn '89 Rendel Solomon '96 Ivan Strauss '51 Carole Towne '69 David Valentine '88 Errett Van Nice '88 Tony Williams '00 Kathy Harris Wilson '82 39 L AT I N S C H O O L O F C H I C A G O Homecoming & Reunion Weekend 2014 September 19-21 Milestone Reunion Classes Ending in 4s and 9s Saturday, September 20 l Faculty Led Master Class l Homecoming BBQ Lunch under the Alumni Tent l Alumni Romans Run l Roman Reunion All Alumni Cocktail Party l Milestone Class Dinners for 10th-60th Reunion Classes Sunday, September 21 l Blue & Orange Alumni Soccer Game l Alumni Community Service Outing Stay tuned for more information about additional class-specific events during the weekend. Make your hotel reservations early. Rooms held at guaranteed Latin Reunion rates until August 20th at nearby Hotel Indigo and Hotel Lincoln.

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