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UP CLOSE ELEANNOR (EILAND) MAAJID '97 EDUCATION B.A. in Spanish, M.A. in Library and Information Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. POSITION AND YEARS AT LATIN This is my eighth year at Latin. I am a middle and upper school librarian, with a science concentration. Recently, I also took on the role of faculty advocate for upper school students of color. HOW DID YOU COME TO LATIN SCHOOL? I attended high school at Latin. After graduate school, I was working as a medical librarian at a hospital when an opportunity at Latin opened up and I decided to go for it. FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT LATIN The relationships that I have with students, faculty and staff. Through interactions with colleagues and students I have come to know myself better as a faculty member, parent and person. WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT TEACHING? Watching students grow and blossom. It is always exciting to see them learn and realize new things. WHAT IS THE BEST PART OF YOUR JOB? Being able to help people. Even though my two roles are very different, the basic goal is the same in both jobs: enriching students' academic experiences. WHY ARE YOU IN EDUCATION? My mother and grandmother were both teachers and for as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a teacher. Even though I am not a classroom teacher, my desire to follow in their footsteps is still fulfilled. I also truly enjoy being with students every day. WHAT ARE YOUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES? Everyone has a story and listening to these stories is a way to create empathy. Empathy is the key to a caring and compassionate community. WHAT PROFESSION, OTHER THAN BEING A TEACHER, COULD YOU ALSO SEE YOURSELF DOING? In high school and college I wanted to be a chemical engineer, I can't see myself doing that anymore. If I had to choose something other than my job, I would love to be an event planner. I enjoy planning, down to the smallest detail. DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE QUOTE? "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you make them feel." - Maya Angelou

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