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3 Latin School of Chicago Viewbook 2021-22 How We Do It Our vision for educational excellence is to reinforce the value of an exemplary liberal arts education that makes learning inquiry-based, personal and inclusive for every member of the Latin community–all Latin Learners. Our educational approach will expand each Latin Learner's capacity for purposeful learning–whether in our school, our city or our world. "Students are well-versed in 'the power of yet' and the value in continuing to grow, defying expectations or limitations." – LATIN PARENT INCLUSIVE LEARNING Inclusive learning environments make space for all students to feel known, respected and cared for regardless of race, gender, identity, religion, sexual orientation or ability. Visit to see where Latin's Strategic Design will LEAD us over the next five years. INQUIRY-BASED LEARNING Inquiry-based learning aims to place the student's own intellectual curiosity at the foundation of the learning process. PERSONAL LEARNING Personal learning recognizes that learners are valued and fully supported in the development of self-knowledge, interests and sense of purpose. 3 Latin School of Chicago Viewbook 2021-22

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