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"Having to go out to the field at Addison and California every day was [a] bonding [experience]. We had a lot of fun! Just traveling on a bus with all these guys, being on the football field, getting into trouble together – and we did get into trouble. The Kersey Coates Reed Campus was a remarkable facility. I mean, it had a football field, it had a baseball field, tennis courts, it had track facilities." – Bob Katz '50 1930s - 50s – Kersey Coats Reed Field House and Athletic Fields "I was living at 1430 Lake Shore Drive during the 30s and it was a long walk south to the school on Scott Street. On a Chicago winter day with a wind off the lake, I would start off down Michigan Avenue the several blocks to school, head down, wearing a knit hat, a wool scarf, mittens, a heavy jacket and ski pants with my galoshes flopping. The school was a block in off the Avenue. From there, we walked into the school's entry hall and faced a flight of stairs leading up to the classrooms. By high school we had to climb four flights of stairs passing floors with grades first through eighth to our floor. Backpacks had not been created then so we balanced notebooks and text books in our arms as we climbed. At the top we turned right to a large study hall for freshmen to seniors. The desks lined up two by two started at the south end with the freshmen first, then the sophomores, next the juniors and finally the seniors. Our desks were plain fourlegged tables with a drawer for pencils and papers. Our books held together by bookends formed a protective wall in front of us for whispering and passing notes. We were surrounded by windows on three sides in that large room and had plenty of light up there even on dark Chicago days. When it snowed you felt as if you were caught in the swirling storm." – Harriett Dawes Wilson '40 Boys School Board Room; Current lower school library. "My recollection of the Dearborn cafeteria is the third floor, indifferent food, and some manners in need of refining . . .We should not omit the handsome Queen Anne sideboard that stood beneath the windows in the so-called Board Room, which led to [Headmaster] James Wood's office. The Queen Anne had a secret compartment wherein Mr. Wood kept a flask of bourbon. He shared sparingly with me when I became his assistant – usually after he'd enjoyed a hard day." – Bud Lovett, Faculty Alumnus 1926 - 53 – 1531 N. Dearborn: Boys School 1953 - present day – Lower School LATI N SCHOOL OF CHI CA GO 61

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