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ALUMNI From the ARCHIVES For 124 years, Latin has provided an outstanding education and nurturing environment for its students. While the Latin spirit has remained the same, the buildings themselves have come and gone, and evolved dramatically. Here, we take a look back at the places Latin students have called home over the years. Do you remember where the boys school had study hall? What the playground at Scott Street looked like? Have a memory or story to share? Email or phone 312.582.6050. "In September 1899, The Chicago Latin 1888 – The Blatchford Home, 375 Lasalle Ave. Classes were held in the Library. School takes possession of its new building, located at 561-563 East Division Street, between State and Astor Streets. The site is but 200 feet distant from the North State Street electric cars, and little more than two short blocks from the North Clark Street cable line. Recreation periods on the lakefront continue [to be] possible, as the distance from the Lake Shore Drive is but one block. The building has a south frontage on Division Street, and is open on three sides. Sunshine and light are thus assured. The structure is one of three stories and basement, built of brick and stone. The interior is planned with direct reference to the needs of a complete modern college-preparatory school, particular attention being paid to the matter of light, heat, ventilation and plumbing. A large gymnasium and assembly hall is situated on the first floor, where it is easy of access, and where the inevitable jar and noise of gymnasium work cannot interfere with the other work of the school. The buildings provided with all conveniences for the reception, care and training of boys of all ages and grades ranging from kindergarten to college. The youngest children are on the first floor, the high school being at the top of the building." 1913 - 53 – Girls School on Scott Street. When the schools merged in 1953, the Scott Street school became Latin's middle and upper school. "Picture walking down State Parkway in the morning to school. There were no cars on the street. It was quiet and peaceful. People kept their cars in a garage on Clark Street just as their families had stabled their horses there. Old habits die slowly." – Harold Montgomery '49 – From the 1899 Viewbook 1899 – Division Street School Scott Street School classroom after the merger 60 L AT I N M AGAZINE

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