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Time is essentially limitless, and yet painfully fleeting. Photography is an outlet to experience life through a variant perspective, allowing one to capture a moment indefinitely with the click of a shutter. This year Latin's Photography Club has strove to inspire a passion and appreciation for photography through an assortment of shoots and outside sources. We started off the year strong with an influx of new members who were interested in enhancing their photographic abilities. Heading to the breakwater overlooking the Chicago skyline for the first shoot, members augmented their understanding of HDR photography: combining multiple differently exposed shots to create a single dynamic image. To learn about portraiture and fashion photography we paired with Latin's fashion club The Street: utilizing the rule of thirds and experimenting with lighting to create interesting shots. One of the club favorites was our dark room shoot where we worked with long exposures to create fascinating light drawing effects with LED's and flashlights. We later worked on our high-speed photography by shooting splashes of water that would be unnoticeable to the naked eye. Photo Club paired up with The Cause (Latin's Gay, Straight Alliance) for the annual Rainbow Shoot in the upper school and middle school during their No-Name Calling Week. We received the opportunity to take a field trip across the street to the Chicago History Museum to view the Vivian Maier Photography exhibit to step back in time and experience Chicago in the 1960's and 70's. Another highlight of the year was access to the Epson 7600 poster printer, which enabled us to make larger archival photographs to display in our senior shows in Gallery 2. Photo Club has had an amazing year, and hopefully will continue to thrive in the upcoming generations. Kobi Walsh VIDI Editor-in-Chief President of Photography Club Some Photo Club members pose with Ms. Ross The Cause's Rainbow Shoot 2013 by: Alejandro Lopez-Black

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