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Grading Policy Latin School does not rank its students nor does it provide a cumulative GPA. At the conclusion of each school year, internal non-college GPAs are calculated for the purpose of faculty-selected honors societies and awards. In this calculation, all AP and honors courses are weighted more than college preparatory classes. Honors Latin is a member of the Cum Laude Society (students are eligible at the end of eleventh and twelfth grade); students may also be selected to the school's unique Erasmus Society beginning their sophomore year, which rewards intellectual curiosity and a love of learning beyond a concern for achieving high grades. The majority of discipline-specific awards are granted at the end of the senior year. *NOTE: Latin students are generally limited to no more than three AP/honors courses in a given school year. Students must petition for approval to exceed this limit. Also Required: • Physical Education – two credits, one of which must be a half credit of wellness in the in ninth grade. Team athletes are exempt from PE during the course of their sports seasons. • Project Week – successful completion of a project required each year. • Service Learning – 30 hours during freshman and sophomore years (10 hours freshman year, 20 hours sophomore year) Project Week During March, all upper school students participate in hands-on learning experiences around the globe, throughout the U.S. and in Chicago. Students are required to participate each year and expenses are subsidized for those who qualify. Additional Opportunities: Independent Study Projects Juniors and seniors can work independently with a teacher to advance their interest and study in a variety of disciplines. These courses do not substitute for required classes. Interdisciplinary Courses American Civilization and Chicago Social Justice Action are classes that qualify as credit in two disciplines. Art History or Dance can count as either an Art credit or History/PE respectively but not both. Teaching Practica Latin has unveiled an exciting new program this year. Students must submit proposals and are selected by the faculty to enroll in an individual teaching practicum. Selected students are paired with a mentor teacher in a subject they have previously mastered and are expected to assist faculty with developing lesson plans, delivering appropriate content or serving as a mentor to learners in the class. Seniors attend class on a regular basis and serve as faculty assistants; they are not graded, but are awarded academic credit for their work and time. Senior Projects This optional program encourages seniors to explore interests in and out of the classroom for several weeks at the end of the school year. At their culmination, all senior projects are publicly presented. Global Online Academy (GOA) Latin is a member of the Global Online Academy, a consortium of the world's leading independent schools whose mission is to translate into online classrooms the intellectually rigorous programs and excellent teaching that are hallmarks of its member schools. Courses and descriptions can be found at: "GOA" classes will have this designation on their transcripts and an accompanying profile will be sent to colleges. SUBJECT & REQUIREMENTS COURSES (honors and AP courses are in bold) * Classes offered in previous years but not in 2019-2020 ENGLISH Four credits including English 9-12 There are no honors courses in English American Civilization English 9 English 10: African Lit English 10: Asian Lit English 10: Eastern & Central Euro Lit English 10: Latin American Lit English 10: Mid East & South Asia Lit English 11: American Seeker English 11: Modern American Literature English 11: The New Americans English 11: Silenced America English 12: Writer's Workshop, Blended Learning English 12: Black Voices in America English 12: Creative Writing English 12: Disenchantment and Fantasy Lit English 12: Great Novellas English 12: LGBTQ+ Literature English 12: Mexican American Literature English 12: Modern and Contemporary Poetry English 12: The Meaning of Life in Literature English 12: The Place's You'll Go in Literature English 12: Poetry & Flash Fiction English 12: Punching the Clock English 12: Shakespeare English 12: Wonder When You'll Miss Me English 12: The Writer's Workshop HISTORY & SOCIAL STUDIES Three credits including one full-credit in Global Cities, the remaining credits must include at least one year of U.S. History, and at least one credit of a global studies elective American Civilization: Honors US History Honors European History AP Psychology Honors Comparative and Global Politics Economics Global Art and Culture Global Cities: Power and Creativity Honors United States History and Historiography Honors American Politics International Human Rights Latin American Revolutions Logic, Rhetoric, and Ethics Modern China Nazi Mind Neuropsychology Russian Revolutions Spice: Food, Trade, and Culture U.S. Social History What is Race?: Global Studies in Race and Racism World Religions World Religions 2 MATHEMATICS Three or three and a half credits, dependent on track, must include Algebra 2 and Geometry Advanced Geometry Advanced Topics in Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Honors Algebra 2 Introduction to Differential Calculus AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC Finance and Math 1 Finance and Math 2 Geometry Honors Geometry Introduction to Integral Calculus Honors Multivariable Calculus Honors Precalculus Honors Accelerated Precalculus and Diff Calculus Precalculus AP Statistics SCIENCE Three credits including one year of Physics, Biology and Chemistry Biology Honors Biology Chemistry Honors Chemistry Honors Advanced Biology: Ecology and Evolution Honors Advanced Biology: Genetics and Evolution AP Chemistry Cosmology Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 Medicinal Chemistry 1 Medicinal Chemistry 2 Physics Physics 2 Honors Physics AP Physics: Mechanics AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism Stellar Astronomy COMPUTER SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Computer Science Principles I & II Intro to Algorithms and Data Structure Modern Computers: From NAND to Tetris Honors Advanced Programming Web Application Development ARTS Two credits including a half credit from the required ninth grade Global Cities program. The half credit must be in Performing Arts. VISUAL ARTS Courses offered in the following areas: CAD, Computer Graphic Design, Digital Media, Drawing, Fashion Design, Filmmaking, Painting, Photography, *Printmaking and Sculpture. AP Studio Art Global Cities: Visual Arts PERFORMING ARTS Courses offered in the following areas: Acting, Band, Chorus, Dance, Improvisation, Music Technology, Playwriting & Directing, Speech and Stagecraft Please note in 2019-2020 "Wind Ensembles" has been renamed "Band." Many of these classes are offered at multiple skill levels, including company-level execution. LANGUAGES Latin School follows a proficiency-based language model. Course titles may appear more than once, which reflects a progression in learning and not a repeated class. Particular level bands or skill levels may require a varying amount of time, exposure or both. (See ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines Pyramid) Proficiency-based programs in French, Latin, Mandarin and Spanish are offered and all students must successfully complete a minimum of three consecutive years of a language. The classroom experience is grounded in the three modes of communication (interpersonal, interpretive and presentational) for modern languages. French, Mandarin and Spanish classes are conducted in the target language and students use their skills in a variety of real-life situations. Through the Latin curriculum students develop reading proficiency. All languages offer opportunities abroad. CHINESE Hon. Chinese: Inter. Mid. Hon. Chinese: Inter. Mid. 2 Hon. Chinese: Inter. Mid. 3 Hon. Chinese: Inter. High FRENCH Hon. French Literature Hon. French: Inter. High Honors French: Inter. High – Language & Culture Hon. French: Inter. High – Literature LATIN Hon. Latin: Advanced High Hon. Latin: Poetry of Transformation Hon. Latin: Superior SPANISH Hon. Spanish: Inter. High Hon. Spanish: Inter. High (11/12) Hon. Spanish: Inter. High (9/10) Hon. Spanish: Inter. High – Language & Culture Hon. Spanish: Inter. High – Literature Curricular Highlights

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