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130 years later, experiential, hands-on learning is alive and well at Latin and has evolved into some of our most renowned curriculum such as Nazi Mind, Project Week and Singapore Math. Whether you attended Latin in the '40s or the '00s, chances are you have a fond memory of a favorite experiment, field trip or class project. Summer homework for 1918 was extremely hands-on and challenged students to collect and feed caterpillars and watch them change to butterflies, photograph birds from an umbrella screen and tame a wild animal! Upper school girls on the annual Walking Club trip to Wisconsin, 1920s. Note: Ms. Vickery pictured in center. Second grader Cyrus McCormick's morning science experiment, January 24, 1900 Nothing is more experiential than allowing your friend to paper mache your face; so many lessons learned here! 1980s During the popular Ellis Island Simulation, lower school students immersed themselves in the immigrant experience.

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