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M AT H C O N T E S T N A M E S 2000: The Math M2K Event 2001: A Math Odyssey 2002: A Mathematics Palindrome 2003: Prime Time 2004: Factors Galore 2005: Multiples Arrive in 2005 2006: Mathemagic Tricks in 2006 2007: Stairway to Seven 2008: Find the Rate in 2008 2009: Math will Shine in 2009 2010: 20—Double the Fun—10 2011: Prime Time 2012: In Math We Delve in 2012 2013: Find the Mean in 2013 2014: Math to the Extreme in 2014 2015: Math is the Scene in 2015 2016: Math is Serene in 2016 2017: Prime Time! 2018: Mathletes Convene in 2018 2019: S 6 C 3 O R E!!! "The caliber of students has improved." Canright agrees. "Every year I think the eighth grade questions are too hard, and every year the students rise to the occasion. Some students get perfect or near-perfect scores." What has made the math competition successful for so many years? Canright thinks the team component sets it apart. "The team event makes it special. It's unique to have teams from each grade rather than just the top eighth graders," he said. "And the students have to learn to cooperate and learn to be quiet. They can't just blurt out the answer, or the other teams will hear." Bonneau likes that the competition is something that focuses on academics rather than athletics, which is readily and easily celebrated in most schools. "This gives an opportunity for students who enjoy math to experience an adrenaline rush," she said. "It is really fun to see the kids get excited about an academic subject." Latin had one of its most successful outcomes for this year's competition. With 275 students competing, Latin took first place in the fifth and sixth grade divisions. Bonneau was particularly pleased, especially given that many of the students who compete are from academically rigorous schools. "Most kids at Latin have a variety of interests. Our success this year shows that we can be successful in this type of competition as well," she said. Hawley still attends the event every year but now as a spectator. "It is amazing to see how it all comes together," he said. "The teachers make it look seamless, but I know how much work goes into putting it together." " I T I S R E A L LY F U N T O S E E T H E K I D S G E T E X C I T E D A B O U T A N A C A D E M I C S U B J E C T. " Answers: Grade 5: (7); Grade 6: (405 seconds); Grade 7: (8/5); Grade 8: (90 mph) 31 LATIN MAGAZINE » SUMMER 2019

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