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The Cover Photo: 5:54 East Randolph Joseph Gorman '22 Ansel Adams once said, "There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." In this edition of VIDI magazine, you are invited to reflect upon the relationship each photographer has with their subject and what these young photographers encountered. This year for Latin's Project Week, my colleague, Ernesto Cruz, and I took 16 students to ex- plore Barcelona. Each student documented their experiences and wrote opinions about them on a personal blog. In this edition, you will see photos from Spain, New Zealand, South Africa, and many photos of people and places both near and far. In guiding our Photography Club students in the selection of images, we strive for work that is creative and insightful. Has the photographer captured the ordinary in an extra-ordinary way or shared with us experience of something unusual? Do you wonder what happened before or after this moment? Do you wish you were there or are grateful to have not personally experienced the reality of what appears in a photo? Sometimes we are breathless with delight when we click the shutter. While photographing, we are enthralled with the world and we can feel most alive. Pictures capture memories but wonderful photos give insight into the soul of the moment and of the photographer. Taking photographs pro- vides us joy as we search for where, what, and when we will click our shutter. The camera is only a tool, but it encourages us to explore our curiosity and show our appreciation for what we experi- ence. As photographers, we pursue our interests and let our intuition and gratitude for wonder guide us to discover and reflect on our world. We push our creative thinking by considering compositional choices. There is also an excitement in sharing our images with others. We are thrilled to share our 18th edition of VIDI magazine with you. Betty Lark Ross Visual Art Department Chair / Photography Teacher Barcelona Photography Olivia Frankel '21 Joseph Gorman '22 Joseph Gorman '22

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